Brave Vesperia ☆★☆ a Tales of... series TCG
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Status: pre-production
Opened: TBA
Owner: Cami
Released Decks: 18
Unreleased Decks: 3
About Brave Vesperia...
Brave Vesperia is an online TCG that is based on the Tales series. The name was taken from the protagonist's guild from the game Tales of Vesperia. However, you don't necessarily need to be familiar with all of the games in order to become a member. Read more?
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To-Do List

Posted on 03 Jul 2016 ☆ Filed under ☆ 1 Comments ☆ Leave Comment?

Okay, the last post ended up being an explanation of what one can expect when this site is actually made available to the public. Therefore, this will be the post that I'll be using to keep track of the shit that I need to do before I can open. It was supposed to go in the last one...but I ended up re-purposing it instead. This will be Brave Vesperia's real to-do list.

- create deck database (complete)
- create member database (complete)
- create badge database (complete)
- create link button database (complete)
- create trade card / allium orb database (complete)

- write up player manual
- write up newbie guide (complete)
- code join form & starter pack (complete)
- create deck list (complete)
- create 50 decks (15/50 complete)
- create member list (complete)
- create "side quests" page (complete)
- decide on games & game names (complete)
- code 3 months worth of games

Fortune's Market:
- create card packages
- come up with prices
- coupons, anyone?
- sales? (shop will be offline during transitions in & out of sale periods)
- claim gald (for you losers that don't want to login just to play games and take cards from decks)

User Panel:
- change info (complete)
- reactivation (complete)
- allium orb submission (complete, will be on forums)
- birthday rewards (complete)

- Deck Management (complete)
- Member Management (complete)
- Graphics Management (complete)
- Affiliate Management (complete)
- Randomizer Setup (complete)

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